ForensicDB is an easily accessible and searchable mass-spectral, forensic toxicology, and forensic chemistry database available via the Internet.

NEW: Search ForensicDB directly from Aglient ChemStation.

Additional functionality has been introduced to facilitate spectrum similarity searches on ForensicDB using Agilent ChemStation files. The following installation downloads allow users to create JCAMP files directly from Agilent ChemStation and conduct a ForensicDB spectrum similarity search directly from Agilent ChemStation software. Directions for creating JCAMP files and searching from Agilent ChemStation can be found in Section 7 of the ForensicDB User Guide.

Read the installation instructions and download now

In addition we've updated our Frequently Asked Questions page, the Designer Drugs Guide the User Guides and created a Web-portal that allows the community to submit data for inclusion in ForensicDB. See Section 8 of the User Manual for more details.

All databases are Web accessible, with the ability to upload data sets for comparison or inclusion in the data library.

Spectra in ForensicDB should not be considered as published for the purpose of standard verification, and should only be used as analytical tools. RTI International and ForensicDB adhere to the SWGDRUG recommendation to run concurrent standards of traceable reference materials to support identifications (Part IV B - Quality Assurance Section 2.3)